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Champion Flour

Level 6, Tower1, 205 Queen Street Auckland,

New Zealand

Flour and
Speciality Grains

Champion produce more than 40 varieties of flour for all kinds of baking and food processing; from high-performance bakers flour through to speciality-grain, ethnic and wholemeal flours.


Champion speciality premixes include many favourites, such as soft-white, crusty, multi-grain, wholemeal and rye bread-mixes; and scrumptious buns, cakes, muffins, sponge and scone mixes.

Coatings & Fillings

Champion sell a range of speciality fine & course crumbs and coatings, including zesty, multi-grain, herbal & flavoured crumbs, chicken stuffing, seasoning and batter mixes.

Champion is New Zealand's Most Celebrated Flour Brand – for over 150 years.

The ‘Champion’ brand stands for leadership, consistency of product quality and superior customer service. These market-leading attributes have been earned through more than 150 years of flour milling, trading and baking in New Zealand.

Today, Champion Flour Milling Limited is owned and operated by Nisshin Seifun Group and Nisshin Flour Milling, whom are the largest flour millers in Japan. Nisshin Flour Milling currently mill in excess of two million metric tonnes of wheat per annum converting into over 300 varieties of wheat flour. And like Champion, the Nisshin Flour Milling business has been operating for over 100 years. Nisshin can be seen as the ideal business owner and managing partner for this respected New Zealand flour brand, bringing to Champion an advanced level of milling expertise and trading excellence, ensuring Champion continue their proud history of delivering quality-renowned flours to New Zealand bakers, manufacturers and consumers.


Champion Flour begins new journey.

(Updated October 2014)
Champion Flour will start the next stage in its 150 year history following the completion of its purchase by Nisshin Seifun Group and Nisshin Flour Milling (Nisshin).

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